About Us

The Olive Branch Christian Community Coalition, Inc.  is a non-profit organization consisting of local churches and mercy organizations. The purpose of the OB3C is to equip area churches and mercy organizations to serve the mercy needs of the Olive Branch community and to coordinate help between organizations.

Services provided by the OB3C:

1. Foster relationships between local churches and other mercy organizations such as the Olive Branch Food Bank and Thrift Store.

2. Provide information to churches concerning the area of mercy ministry. This includes the following:

A. Resource book of regional ministries that provide help to those in need

B. Procedures for assisting those in need.

C. Sample checklists and forms to aid in ministering to others

D. Sample legal forms to assist in obtaining information from other agencies as well as protecting Churches who are providing assistance.

3.Maintain a website for use by churches in the area of mercy ministry. This website will contain:

A. Electronic copies of all the information listed above.

B. A secure section for local churches to share information about mercy cases to guard against fraudulent needs.

4.Represent local churches to the governments of Olive Branch and Desoto County for the purposes of helping those in need within our community.

5.Coordinate Mercy Conferences for churches. These conferences will provide resources and training to churches as well as facilitate the development of relationships between the local churches.

6.Assist local mercy providers with volunteer staffing from member churches.

For more information about OB3C, or to learn about partnering with us, please email us.